From The Vet: 5 Hidden Signs Your Cat Is In Pain

Arthritis (inflammation of the joints) is one among the foremost common explanation for pain for pets and other people . It develops from normal wear and tear or can occur as a results of injury within the past. it’s diagnosed by a veterinarian from physical exam findings and radiographic evidence. There are other causes of pain in cats also and that they are so good at hiding pain that you simply won’t even notice, but it’s so common that you simply should remember of the subtle signs.

Just because arthritis is common, doesn’t mean that’s just “normal aging”. If you think that that your cat is experiencing one or more of those signs, you ought to tell your vet. She might be in pain and there are things we will do.

Decreased activity

Many owners report that their cats are slower to urge up and fewer active than once they were young. It are often harder to rise from a lying or sitting position with painful joints. Difficulty rising also can be a muscular problem, so ask your vet to assist you tell the difference.

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