10 Signs of Separation Anxiety for Cats & What To Do About It

1- Your Feline Always Tries to Hide:

While cats are mostly known to be less social as opposed to dogs or any other pet animal, they can often be friendly and playful after they open up to their humans.

However, if you notice your cat hiding a lot, it could suggest that your fluffy pet could actually be pretty anxious given the fact that they are all alone when you are gone.

While you can do nothing about the separation, you can surely try and spend some time with your cat. Try to build him/her a safe space like a box or tiny room under the stairs for when you are gone.

2- He/She is Super-Aggressive:

If your feline has been acting aggressive all of a sudden with no apparent reason, it could be a definite sign of separation anxiety.

In order to deal with this issue, you need to try and discover the actual cause & fix the same. Boredom, when you are away, can be the reason for such aggressive behavior.

In order to aid your kitty, give him/her some attention, take them out on a walk, and try to tire them out before you head out to the office